About Grad TX

Our Goal

The goal of Grad TX is to increase the number of Texans completing a certificate or degree. Our work is done in support of the completion goals identified in the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s 60x30TX higher education plan.

Grad TX reaches out to students who have left higher education with a significant number of semester credit hours but without earning a certificate or degree. Participating institutions work with these students, providing supportive and targeted readmission to help them complete their certificates and/or degrees.

THECB is currently developing partnerships with a core group of institutional partners to develop and implement programs and services through a Grad TX Consortium. These partners will serve as model institutions in terms of working with this population and will increase the number of Texans successfully returning to higher education and completing degrees. Learn more about the Consortium.

Grad TX is designed to:

  • Develop a better understanding of the adult student landscape in Texas and a comprehensive set of best policies, practices, and areas for improvement.
  • Serve students who have previously stopped-out of college with a substantial number of semester credit hours without earning a credential.
  • Assist institutions with eliminating barriers that may cause students to stop-out once they return.
  • Improve statewide communication, providing clear and concise guidance to adult students in Texas and higher education practitioners.

Colleges and universities who work with Grad TX provide:

  • Dedicated advisers who understand the challenges of returning to school and can provide high-quality, personalized support.
  • Financial aid specialists who are ready to help you find a way to pay for your college degree.
  • Degree programs designed with flexibility in mind (online, face-to-face, accelerated coursework, or a mixture of all three), and the ability to use credits and possibly even work experience that you’ve already earned.


Participating Institutions have connected with over 1,500 students; of those, 820 re-enrolled and are matriculating toward completion. Grad TX Partners report a 54.6% reclamation yield.


Grad TX is established under the following authority: Education Code, Title 3. Higher Education, subtitle B. State Coordination of Higher Education, Chapter 61. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Subchapter A. General Provisions…Sec.61.0762.